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Asset 2022-2023(Online)


Believe You Can shines a spotlight on ASSET 2022, an exceptional showcase by Seek Foundation that celebrates young global talents. This year, the online sports competition extended its reach with 12 varied events for students from KG to 12th Grade, making it inclusive for budding talents worldwide. A notable addition was the Online Badminton contest for participants aged 16 and above, which drew significant attention. With an overwhelming turnout of over 500 participants, ASSET reiterated its commitment to accessibility by waiving registration fees.

The event’s versatility was evident as participants could choose between live and recorded formats, with the latter being displayed on The live events, held on 10th June 2023, were a spectacle of talent and determination. St. Britto’s Academy’s involvement was pivotal; their team ensured the competition ran smoothly, with clearly defined rules and impeccable coordination. The judging combined public votes and the discerning evaluation of an expert panel, ensuring a fair and transparent assessment.

All achievers were duly recognized, receiving notifications of their performance. The top talents were celebrated with cash prizes, and accolades, including Demand Drafts (DD), medals, and certificates, were sent to them. ASSET 2022 was a testament to the spirit and zeal of its participants, and at Believe You Can, we’re eager to highlight more such initiatives by Seek Foundation that uplift young stars.

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